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Committed To Helping People In My Native New Jersey

Even when I was at Quinnipiac University School of Law studying, I knew I wanted to open my own law firm. After graduation and my approval to practice law in New Jersey, I found the urge irrepressible, so I established The Law Office of Frank J. Materia in Upper Montclair.

The push I felt toward opening my solo practice came soon after I passed the bar. I knew my calling lay in helping the hardworking people of New Jersey.

My Goal As A Lawyer

As an attorney, I feel my first responsibility is to help people who are unable to help themselves by providing them with honest and professional legal services, delivered with integrity, efficiency and respect. By treating my clients with the respect they deserve, I can give them peace of mind from the knowledge that a legal professional is at their side working, not to make a name for himself but for their benefit.

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Look no further than The Law Office of Frank J. Materia for a lawyer who will devote his efforts to help you reach your legal goal. By calling 973-866-5624 or emailing me, you can schedule a time to meet and discuss your situation at my Upper Montclair law office.