When people call an attorney, they are in need of help. Their lives have been affected-anxieties and fears are triggered. They are usually in a vulnerable state of mind. My philosophy is simple: I serve my clients as their guide through this legal and emotional journey. As your attorney and Champion for your cause. I will:

  • Provide guidance
  • Educate you in regard to your legal matter
  • Counsel you as to the potential avenues available
  • Manage your expectations as to the potential end results
  • Work tirelessly and relentlessly to advance your interests throughout the legal process.

I believe, attorneys must always remember that the purpose of an "initial consultation" is not only to gauge the magnitude of and to discuss the legal matter you are battling with, but also for you to get to know and interview the attorney. This is how you can decide whether or not that individual attorney possesses the proper temperament and knowledge to be your Champion. My initial consultations are free because I do not believe you should pay to interview me.

I was raised in a "blue-collar" family and know the struggles and hard work of a middle class family. My legal license gives me the honor and privilege to represent their values and interests. My clients' interests and well-being are extremely important to me. As a client, you will always be informed as to each step in the legal process. I will keep you involved. I will be your partner on the legal journey. You will never feel alone.